We all want more energy. Nobody likes to feel tired and drained. So how do we get more energy? Two ways: 1) Reduce time spent on those things that drain us…and 2) Increase time doing those things that invigorate us.

So how do we do #1 & 2?   

  • Trust your instincts. There’s a little voice in your head that’s telling you exactly how you want to be spending your finite time on Planet Earth.
  • Get self-ish…. What is your self telling you? Does your-“self” need more relaxation, peace, self-love, exercise, fun…or something else it’s not getting? Remember, a bit of self-ish-ness is good for others around you, too!
  • Speak up! Most people (unless you’re @celebrity magician) cannot read your mind! You need to speak up and tell others what you need! Don’t be a martyr expecting others to know your wants…tell them!
  • Start doing what you want to do! Yes, you might have to work (so do I)…but that’s about 40 hours out of 168 in a week! What would be fulfilling during the other 128 hours…and equate to creating more energy?
  • Notice your micro-achievements. Sometimes we ignore the small steps we’re making because we live in a world where everything done by others seems stupendous! (Don’t believe it!) Give yourself credit for every step moving forward!
  • And, as per above…do something everyday that feels really good! Why? This will increase your energy!
  • Accept that YOU are the Manager of Your Life! You the Boss! Own it! Make some decisions that are invigorating!

Are you charged up?! Tell me how YOU are harnessing your energy!

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