When energy starts to dip, it might be time to do an “Energy Inventory.”

Life force is energy. As such, when our energy starts to fail us, this is usually a sign that we are focusing on, consumed with or doing too many things that drain our energy. Signs that our energy is dipping include: increased agitation; shorter tempers; throat tickles & coughs; skin blemishes; poor sleep; headaches; heart palpitations; dark circles under the eyes; weight gain or even unexpected loss; feeling like you’re getting the flu; or, general malaise.

Everything we do demands energy. However, poor diet; lack of physical activity; saying yes when we need to say no; too many late nights; too much alcohol; drugs – prescribed or otherwise; and, smoking will all drain our energy. These along with too many negative emotional perspectives are energy thieves.

When we do an Energy Inventory we give ourselves permission to honestly ask ourselves what situations, activities, habits and obligations are causing our life force to bleed away. Once identified, we need to ask if these draining aspects can be modified or eliminated, and how. This is not assuming that a quick fix is always imminent. Nor do I have a solution to propose that fits for everyone. However, while you are working on finding your personal solutions, there are a few things we can all do: Take a nap. See a friend. Read a book. Prioritize your To Do list and remove unessentials while adding something specifically just for you at the top. Spend as little time as possible with those that steal our wind. If these involve work or caregiving situations, try to schedule set times when you will fulfill the obligation. Keep a list of the good things in your life—and refer to it immediately before or after dealing with those that thrive in negativity. Take a class that is just for you & you alone—you don’t even have to tell anyone you’re doing it. Do craftwork or explore other artistic or musical endeavors. Get out in nature. Take a drive & play your favorite music. Cook a meal with less than 5 whole, natural ingredients…and enjoy eating it, preferably by candlelight.

While we cannot control time, we do have the power to control our energy levels. One measure of life is how long we live—but the more significant measure is how we age which is a reflection of much energy we have when we’re living life.

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