Because you asked: “Where do you get your energy?” I’ll tell you. It starts in my heart. Long story short. Ten years ago, a doctor gave me a prognosis (or prediction) of ‘imminent death by Widow’s artery heart attack. Sorry nothing we can do about it & you have a genetic calcification issue that’s getting worse.”  I had a good cry & told my kids that the doctor said I could never eat sugar again. I figured they’d understand that as a reason for tears.

My heart wasn’t going to keep beating. MY heart?! It was mine. In my heart I believe in love, life, things way bigger than me (like God) and all that is wonderful. My brain, however, focused on words. Things like clinical results & diagnosis.

My heart had ruled most of my life. Why was I going to let my brain or a prognosis (an opinion) determine how long I would live?

My heart was & would be my ruler: My source of energy. I would do whatever was necessary to stay focused on resonating, pulsating and attracting happier & healthier.

My belief was that my heart determined what was possible. My heart made the rules. My brain was its servant and soldier. My heart needed more oxygen. It called for more water that was filled with hydrogen & oxygen; walking as much as possible; and more nutritious fruits & veggies. My heart told my brain: You’ve read your whole life, put all those thoughts into action. Put your beliefs to the test. Don’t quit. Take the belief in your heart & make it real by doing whatever you have to do to actualize what you want, need, feel & believe.  Thinking isn’t doing. Do it. My heart said: Protect me. Speak up if you don’t like what is being said, but do so with love. Act with love from the heart whenever possible & more love will come to reinforce the energy of the heart. Tap into the Universal Consciousness of good. Create ripples of positive energy whenever possible. Let go of negativity…or better yet, put on your super suit so it bounces right off. Jump into the pool of positively powerful energy with all of your heart & soul, reinforcing this energy with meditation. Believe that we are meant to live with health & love. Know that nothing worth having will be granted without effort. Put forth the effort. Try and try again. Get up after every stumble, trying to find the lesson and learn from it. My heart’s wisdom is the source of my energy.

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