We are each in control of how we individually respond to others. As such, we can’t hold anyone else responsible for our shortcomings or reactions…no matter how tempting.

I sometimes really wish this wasn’t so. 

Then again, I’m truly glad this is the reality.

While blaming others is easy, it feels much better to know that we hold the power to make our own decisions about how we choose to feel about any moment and to act accordingly. 

It gets down to this: Life is full of all kinds of situations. However, do we really want to hand over our emotional control to external forces? If we can practice watching — not just the situation, but also our feelings about it– it is possible to get into a groove of peace in our own minds. Since many of you have mentioned “fear of getting too happy” — practicing emotion observation applies for hi-highs and lo-lows along with everything in between.

I’m not saying it’s easy.  There’s a reason it’s called: Practice.  Sometimes we’ll get it and other times we won’t. But it’s helpful to remember: Whether it’s a feeling of elation that we worry won’t last or a feeling of fear or pain that we feel will last forever, the feelings are like tides. They come in and go out.

This is why we stretch and breathe.

In 2..3…  Out 2..3…

in 2…3… Out 2…3… 

And again.

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