Once upon a time there was a man who made his living by carving rocks and stones of all sizes. This stone cutter loved how he could bring out their magical beauty and shine. He was peaceful and full of joy. Yet the more he worked with the people who had many worldly riches and could afford to buy his gems, he grew dissatisfied. He started comparing himself to his rich and powerful clients, envious of their clothes, cars and homes. One day he wished to be the owner of the firm so he too could have more wealth. To his surprise, his wish was granted. Yet as time went on he began to believe it wasn’t the business owners who dictated the rules, but the politicians. So he wished to be the Mayor and with that, his wish came true.  He gloried in his role: Making the rules and taxing the people. Yet one hot day, as he resented sweating when he had to leave his mayoral palace, he wished he was the sun. Suddenly, there he was, the mighty sun in the sky, scorching all those on Earth with his hot rays.  Yet, as the heat penetrated his being every day, he wished to be a cloud so he could enjoy the cool light mist he felt as they floated by.  His wish was granted and for a while he was happy to be a cloud. He could make people happy or frown as he cast his shadow on their days. He enjoyed the power. Yet, one day he wished to be the wind. After all, the wind was more powerful. It could move clouds wherever it wanted. His wish was granted and he became the wind. He reveled in his strength: Knotting up all the hair he would twist and more powerfully ripping out the deep roots of the 100 year old pine trees, knocking them down.  Such forceful strength was fun until one day he noticed a rock. No matter how he tried to wield his blows and guts, the rock stood steady and firm. Right then he wished he could be a rock because surely this was the the strongest of all.  Upon becoming a rock, he sat day after day,  being stoic and rock-like in nature. Until one day, he felt a hammer chipping away at his surface. What could possibly be stronger than he, the rock?! He looked to see a stone cutter.

That’s what I’m thinking about today. How sometimes we forget to own our colorful selves.

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