So. Someone pointed out to me that the lines between our eyebrows (or mine specifically)  are called “Elevens” or “11” lines. Prior to being educated, I simply viewed them as the lines that  develop on those of us who are lucky to live long enough.

I’m OK with my 11s.  In fact, when I first posted yesterday’s video, I didn’t even notice they had become more prevalent from the day, until a few people generously informed me that I could “get those 11s taken care of…”

Sometimes my 11s hide for a whole day! They are usually invisible first thing in the morning, after getting a restful night’s sleep, along with my clear conscience after a very super-filled, busy day.   

Other days, they start to peak through my skin…because I’m a-live wire: Expressing myself with frowns, laughs, squints…and all sorts of facial expressions that display the gamut of my vast emotions.

There are days I wish I didn’t have 11s.  But there are days I realize that 11s are a champagne problem…One of those kinds of problems that we’re lucky to have…insignificant in a world of far more serious problems.

My 11s sometimes reflect that I’m frustrated, angry, afraid, sad, perturbed or disturbed.  On the flip side they also reflect that I’m living, loving, responding, reacting, noticing, trying to see more clearly and doing my best to look closely to understand better. 

I accept my 11s like an old friend. My 11s share a lifetime of experience and stories with me.  

Let there be peace with 11s…and let it begin with me. 

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