Today is a good day to love yourself. Here are 8 ways to connect more kindly with yourself.

Think of your life today as an adult education class. Ask yourself, “What am I learning?” Give yourself credit for being a good student.

Compliment yourself today for at least three things you are doing right.

Do for yourself, something that you’ve been hoping someone else would do for you.

Eat your favorite comfort food for dinner. Chew each bite consciously and care about yourself enough to set limits.

Imagine living your life without being afraid to take a risk.  If you are struggling with this, imagine what you’d do if today was your last day. Feel your answer in your heart.

Forgive your past mistakes and move on.. If necessary, call another to apologize or write it out on a piece of paper. Then tear it up into tiny pieces and burn it or flush it down the toilet. Imagine how you might act and feel if you can try to improve your response the next time in a similar situation. 

Explore your perceived imperfections. Ask yourself the positive benefit of each. There’s always a pro to a con; a ying to a yang.

Believe inner peace is possible. Just let yourself “be” for five minutes or more. Breathe deeply as you visualize what that peace feels like. 

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