It’s one thing to get educated and another to stay educated. 

Education is a lifelong process. There are so many things that can be learned via books, and the ultimate asset of the internet is what can be learned for free via a search using the exact phrase for what you want to find. 

Top universities around the world offer free online classes that can add to our personal knowledge or be listed as “audited” on resumes. There are also state colleges that encourage those 60+ to get back into the classroom with free or heavily discounted programs that also offer degree options. 

Educating ourselves in whatever we find interesting helps to make us more informed, capable and eligible for new roles that we might want to explore. Lifelong learning fires up our brain cells and energy while reducing the likelihood of cognitive decline. Use it or lose it applies very much to optimal memory functioning and how we choose to keep learning or not.

What are you learning today?

This is me with my book and just a few of my many books! I love books. I’m always buying them at bookstores, yard sales, thrift shops…

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