(SP) Home cooked meals, with healthy wholesome ingredients will always be a kind of luxurious treat in our fast-paced society. However, good home cooking has been slipping over the years as families cope with long work days along with school obligations and social commitments. Getting to the grocery store isn’t always easy these days and isn’t always how we want to spend our limited time after a long day. Then, there are those who are home-bound, that may be attempting to sustain themselves on whatever food items have the longest storage time. These facts have largely contributed to the rise of take out and fast foods that, while maybe convenient, are likely not be the best option for our health and waistlines.

Knowing there’s nothing quite like good home cooking, delivery services like Blue Apron have popped up offering members the option to buy pre-set boxes of proportioned fresh produce and other meal mainstay ingredients that come with step-by-step instructions so adventurous would-be chefs can test out their kitchen prowess.

While this option might be great for those with time on their hands or those times we want to wow significant others with our kitchen prowess, an exciting home delivery new-comer is coming to refrigerators everywhere.  EAT FIT GO offers all those same fresh ingredients and a wide variety of tasty meals, but already cooked! So after a super busy day? All you have to do is decide what kind of food mood you’re in. Options easily pre-ordered from your desktop or mobile device range from good old American steak and potatoes to Indian Chickpea Masala, or Korean Bibimbap, Chicken Alfredo, Cheesy Turkey Mac, Creamy Chicken Pesto, Steak Fajitas and more!

And the best part? When you come home tired, when kids are yelling that they’re starving, when you just need to eat and relax — instead of messing up the kitchen doing all the work — it’s been done for you! The fresh, wholesome meals have been pre-cooked in a USDA-regulated Omaha, Nebraska kitchen, shipped via a temperature-controlled shipping box and delivered right to your home. “Prep” is as easy as going to EAT FIT GO and selecting your favorite meals to stock your refrigerator for a week or two. For right about the same price as those food services whereby you still need to do the cooking, with EAT FIT GO you can have a fresh cooked, delicious and nutritious ready-to-eat meal after just a few minutes in the microwave. EAT FIT GO has safely and successfully delivered nearly 6 million individual, vacuum-sealed packaged meals to date. Get ready for meals that put the taste in taste-worthy!

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