Some of us aren’t workout kind-of-people. Here’s a list that removes excuses. But, let’s start with science. • Walking, water & natural foods are essential for health + we must stay active. Calories are the energy (heat) created by a body “burning up” foods you eat or the energy required to perform activity. We need energy/calories to live. But, if we consume more calories in a day than we burn, the excess is stored as body fat. On average we burn 15 calories per pound of body weight (your weight x 15 = calories necessary to maintain current weight) About 3,500 calories equate to a pound. So, if someone wanted to lose excess fat, it requires figuring out how to burn or cut those calories that are above our ideal daily caloric consumption based on that 15 x our desired weight. • Each activity below is grouped by the # of calories (C) burned by that activity in one minute (CpM).  Multiply this number by the number of minutes (M) being active & you’ll know what you’re burning. • Here goes:  1.5CpM: Resting, sleeping, sitting, reading, kneeling • 2CpM: Eating, playing cards, sewing, typing on a keyboard, dusting • 3CpM: Squatting without weights, standing, hand mixing a batter of ingredients, hand-peeling veggies/fruits, bird-watching, cleaning gutters, hand washing clothes, carrying laundry to the washing machine, carrying an infant, coaching • 3.6CpM: Walking around your house, showering. • 4.5CpM: Hanging laundry to dry, bathing a dog, ironing, house cleaning, electrical work, plumbing, gardening, carrying tools • 5.1CpM:  Making beds, mopping floors, pushing a wheelbarrow, chopping, yard work, bagging leaves • 6CpM:  Walking outdoors, walking down stairs, scrubbing floors, active housecleaning, shaking out rugs, drilling. • 7.5CpM:  Walking up stairs, sawing wood, shoveling dirt or snow, stacking • 10CpM: Carrying heavy loads, carrying an average 2-year-old, most farming activities. • Bottom line: Whole foods, moving our bodies as often as possible, managing stress & healthy relationships strengthen our lifelines. Hopefully this list helps clarify “activity”! @DianGriesel is @SilverDisobedience @WilhelminaModels @ApertureTalent #writing  @Stonesongnyc #selfawareness #selfdiscovery #aging #healthyaging #communication #DGIcomm More in profile &