This past weekend I noticed a lot of dust on our baby grand piano. I do not play piano, nor does anyone in my family. We purchased it twenty years ago with “grand” plans which are still on my to-do list…but… I digress…back to the story…

Before I wiped off the dust, I stopped and noticed the reflection of the sun glittering on whatever it is that dust is. Like a impetuous child, I wrote my name in the dust. Then I drew a few flowers. I waited and wondered if new dust would settle. All the while time seemed to have ceased existing. 

Suddenly somewhat startled, I resumed my chore of thoroughly dusting the piano. 

I enjoyed that moment immensely as I found myself smiling about the joy within that dust. Not sure what to interpret from this, except that it was nice to stop, doodle, observe the shimmering dust in the sunlight and then proceed with the job at hand.

I think there was a lesson in that moment. What do you think? 

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