Duality refers to the idea of having two contrasting or opposing aspects or qualities. In philosophy, duality often refers to the idea that the world is made up of two opposing forces, such as good and evil, light and dark, or mind and body. Add math to the equation and duality refers to the relationship between two different mathematical structures that are related in such a way that certain properties of one structure can be understood by studying the properties of the other. We could also bring in physics — whereby discussions of duality revolve around the idea that certain physical phenomena have both wave-like and particle-like properties. Art explores duality through the use of contrasting colors, shapes, or textures to create a sense of balance or tension in a piece of work.

In literature, duality usually refers to characters with opposing sides within their personality or behaviors. Like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde or those cartoons with the devil on one shoulder prompting action while the angel suggests a better way.

Psychology says we’re all impacted by duality via the idea of the conscious and unconscious mind, which due to socializing forces may or may not be working together as well as they might — yet is nonetheless shaping our thoughts and behavior. Spirituality looks at duality within a universe made up of both material and spiritual elements, or, even more deeply, that the individual self is both separate from and connected to the divine.

Duality exists and it impacts our lives in a variety of ways.  What most concerns me is when we start believing: I’m right so you are wrong. This is duality in thought and it is always worth examining.  

Certainly, there are absolute rights and wrongs. But somewhere in the middle for most subjects lies compromise. But without calm listening and hearing? There is no compromise. And that is a sad shame.

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