We all have dreams. Those dreams are different for each of us and they vary from day-to-day, moment-to-moment.  I’ve had days when my dreams were really a prayer, sounding more like: “Please just get me through this day.” I’m sure you can relate.

Twenty years ago my dreams were very different than my dreams today. Frankly, I mostly don’t even have a specific dream— yet I always believe in accepting invites to possibilities. By believing that possibility exists, magical things seem to happen that are quite dream like in the moment. I regularly have bruises because I am often asking others to pinch me!

While dreams may unfold randomly, I think there’s a process for manifesting them into reality. Here’s my fivefold process:  1- Believe your dreams are possible.  2- Put in the necessary effort to do what is necessary, working harder and longer than you imagine, because dream weaving takes stamina. 3- Anticipate that you may likely fail many times before succeeding, but with each fail, no matter how epic, you’ll figure out ways to get closer. 4- Expect doubters and haters. They’re really encouragement in disguise! 5- Give your dreams your all whenever you can—from shaping your body into its healthiest state to learning what you need to know to reaching out and connecting with others.

Going for whatever we want is better than wishing we did. Commit to spending as much time as possible “doing” whatever it is you want to do. For me, it is actually writing daily and thinking — yet, from this, everything seems to be happening!

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