Dreams often become our new realities in entirely unanticipated and surprising ways.

If you’ve read my blog long enough, you know I believe that for the most part, our choices and actions create the guideposts for synchronicity to materialize and move our dreams from fantasy to a more tangible existence.  

Yet, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that some of the best of the best dreams manifest through the generous actions of others.  This happens when someone does something that is unselfish, considerate and great-hearted…And it makes another’s dreams come true, even though the “dream-maker” might not even realize the magnanimous nature of their actions because to them, they are just “doing what they do.”

Today I awoke to an article in The Daily Mail by fashion editor Wendy Rigg that named me a style icon #inspiration along with Helen Mirrin, Anna Wintour, Emma Thompson, Mary Berry, Alyson Walsh and Twiggy. 

Seriously? I had to pinch my myself to see if I was dreaming! I closed the page and reopened it to see if it was still there!  It was!  The same dream-like sensation happened a couple of years ago when at 57 years old, Ginni Conquest offered me representation at legendary Wilhelmina Models in New York. I can assure you, if I’d listed out my expectations for the year, becoming a model at almost 60 would not have made the list.

Dreams do come true…and this includes dreams we didn’t even dare to dream about! And you know what? While we are responsible for making our dreams come true…we can also help make them come true for others. That’s the real magic of dreams. They demonstrate the interconnectivity of humanity. 

Today is a good day to make dreams happen….for yourself…and others.

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