Some people have amazing dreams at night and wake up with wild stories to tell. I don’t. When my head hits the pillow, I’m out. That said, I dream a lot during the day. 

I don’t share too many of my dreams out loud with anyone. I don’t want to have to explain them and sometimes I don’t have all the details. I don’t want to be asked to rationalize them to someone who may be more literal than I am. I also don’t like to share my dreams because another might think I’m asking for their advice or approval.

Sometimes I think, “If only they knew…” 

Yet my dreams are my personal treasures. They are a roadmap leading me forward. I don’t always know where my dream adventures will take me— yet, I still trust the direction in their essence. 

I know that if I’m listening to my heart, believing in the validity of my dreams, I’m receiving subtle guidance from the Universe. My personal compass comes from deciphering my dreams and putting their subtle directions into action. Throughout the day, my dreams help to guide my choices and actions. I trust the innate intelligence of my dreams and believe that if I act upon them with conviction, my life will move forward.

That’s what I’m thinking about. Dreaming for keeps.

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