It’s important to remember that not all closed doors are locked. Sometimes they’re just closed and we might have to do the knocking.

How I see it is this, while opportunity may come knocking, I’m not holding my breath expecting it to beat down my door. And that pretty much goes with anything I want to accomplish or materialize.  I’m more of a believer that if I want to change anything, if I want my dreams to come true, I have to begin visualizing exactly how I think it will feel and look.  Then I wake up and start trying.  And that means plenty of trial and error calculations along the way because I think success is an equation that requires approaching any problem with a try-angle. 

None of this is to imply I have answers. But from living in NYC I learned a long time ago, that standing still in the middle of the road is a good way to get knocked down — because there’s always risk on both sides of the street.

So don’t worry about those closed doors. Knock. Don’t worry what someone might be thinking about you when you try knocking. Knock anyway because most likely they weren’t thinking about you that much…or maybe even not at all…but that doesn’t mean they won’t be very happy to open the door and find you there! 

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