There was a time in my life when I dreaded saying: “I don’t know.”  I worried about having all the answers or an opinion in the moment. More so, I had better be right in that answer or opinion…or who knew what disaster might unfold.

Now that I’m older, I feel a sense of relief when I respond with:  “Good question! I don’t know. Let me think about that.” or…”I’ll get back to you.”  And also, “What do you think? Please tell me your thoughts.”

Suddenly pressure dissipates. Stress is relieved. I’m not worried about whether I gave the right answer or the wrong one.   

In the aftermath of the question, I decide if an answer is necessary. Maybe it is, but maybe not. Maybe the question of the moment has passed. But then still, with a calmer, clear head if necessary, I can formulate my answer, researching as required and trusting my intuition as that may help as well.

We don’t have  to know all the answers. We can’t know all the answers.  We’ll never know all the answers. And you know what? Doesn’t that kind of remove a lot of stress while simultaneously making life more interesting?

Keep this in mind when your kids…or anyone else texts, calls, emails or demands an answer. Answer when you’re confident you have all the information necessary to feel comfortable with your answer.  Answer when you’re ready.  

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