Do you believe in luck or are you a fatalist (a believer in fate)? Undecided? Let’s look at how they’re both defined:

  • Luck is having been favored by good fortune.
  • Fate is something that befalls a person; a prophetic declaration of what must be; an inevitable predetermined destiny.

The feelings we have regarding whether luck or fate has most impacted our lives, possibly align with our thoughts regarding the proverbial “Is the glass half full or half empty?” conundrum.

Both luck and fate are possible simultaneously and they are intimately intertwined by attitude. When suffering with a pessimistic and gloomy attitude toward life, circumstances or another person, fate seems to fulfill itself and unfold in almost prophetically negative ways. It seems like we had no control and things were just destined to unfortunately happen.

Conversely, when a positive attitude rules our mental state, luck seems to keep appearing in almost miraculous ways.

While certainly neither of these scenarios is always the case, as rarely in life are things ever so clear-cut, one could conclude this: Our luck or fate may be determined by our attitude. What do you think?

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