Some days it feels like we’re living smack in the center of uncertainty. While there are few if any guarantees in life, there are certainly times when we feel more or less secure with uncertainty. 

To feel more secure in uncertain times, focus on what is certain.

Here’s a few ideas:  

  • Stay hydrated. Do this with water and decaf-teas. Make drinking up a ritual. Hydrated bodies are rarely sick bodies. Dehydration is at the root of most health problems and susceptibility to illness. 
  • Stretch. Stretching gets us in touch with our bodies. Stand tall and reach as high as you can in any any every direction with your feet about a foot apart for balance. If you doubt your balance, do this holding on to a chair, then swap sides. Really reach!
  • Pray & Ask for guidance to get through your day. Believe a force exists that is bigger than you, me and us. Miracles abound daily.  The birth of a human is just one of them. Seriously: a microscopic sperm and an egg made you. That right there is a reason to believe in God.
  • Breathe. Stop. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through your nose.  Fill your lungs to full capacity. Then open your mouth and release that breath into the atmosphere. Do this as many times as necessary and as often as necessary to center yourself.
  • Focus on your senses. Zoom in on one sense at a time. Listen to music — and hear each note, imagining how the musicians created the sounds and try to identify the instruments.  See colors — look at the world around you and zoom in on the individual colors of the sky, trees, buildings and really see the magnificence of color. Taste your food— each flavor is distinct. Eat slowly and identify the flavors to slow down and eat consciously. 
  • Get physical. Move any and every way possible. Walking, sex, laughing and cleaning. Hug your children when you see them. Although they may be full of attitude — they’re feeling more uncertain than likely shows. 
  • Make art. Write, sing in whatever voice you have, jam on an instrument — even if you never played one, try. Knit, sew, hammer, saw. Express your own kind of creativity. 
  • Work. Find new solutions to old problems.  The show will go on…it just may have a few new plots to untangle. 

PS: This is me on a very hot & humid NYC day while smiling & asking myself: Why am I wearing this heavy jacket?!

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