When we are feeling distress, we’re in a state of anxiety, concern, disappointment, discomfort, heartache and/or perplexity usually over some ordeal, trial, tribulation or situation that is causing us to suffer or worry as it feels out of our control.

Twice this week my SilverDisobedience.Rocks website was hacked. Clicks to any links for my site were redirecting people to a variety of annoying and unsavory pages. The problem has been identified and it was related to a social sharing ‘plug in’ that is on over 70,000 sites. Lucky me…Doesn’t misery love company?!?  Needless to say…This situation won the prize for my “Most Distressing Situation” this week.

We trust, build, and hope that things we are doing will go forward according to our plans. Yet, such is not always how things go and life unfolds not necessarily according to our well-crafted plans.

Looking for the bright side, (recognizing any number of more serious things could have happened that would have been worse; re-assessing every firewall and server my platform is built upon and getting verifications…) I guess I can be proud to say that the discussion we are having is getting attention. This is a good thing.  We’ve got lots to talk about at this stage of our lives!  We will not be shut down, redirected, or otherwise silenced. Let’s keep the conversation going…(even if we won’t be able to share it for the next few days from the website while a solution is being sourced!)

Thanks again for joining me on this adventure, which like life is never quite problem- or stress-free as we might like. Still, life is still a wonderful game to be played.

PS: This is the face I made when I get news that isn’t making my day! 

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