Have you ever considered that a disappointment might actually be a doorway to opportunity? 

We tend to feel disappointment if our hopes or expectations have somehow not been fulfilled.  

Expecting is not a crime and disappointment need not be a punishment. Instead, expectations and disappointments can both be opportunities to assess our personal realities. 

I don’t mind disappointments. They really get me thinking. What did I expect? Why did I think it would be so? How could I have possibly altered or improved the outcome? Was I adequately prepared or committed? When might I be ready to try again? Who did I expect to help—did I put more weight on another than myself? Where did I expect to get to/go —and is that still possible if I alter my expectations, choices or actions? How can I improve so my expectations are rewarded in the future?

We’re all old enough to know that we won’t always get our own way. Yet, we’re also strong & wise enough to know we can put on our rose colored glasses and figure out new ways to improve our outcomes in the future.

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