If we don’t take the time to hear others out, our views and perspectives will become quite limited and restricting. We enrich ourselves when we listen to the opinions of others. 

This is not to say we ultimately have to agree with all opinions espoused. But if we only listen to ourselves, if our thoughts are all that we hear, it is difficult to ultimately grow and thrive.  

If I were to visualize this, I might think of a plant. We are blossoming and grounded by our roots. We require water to live which is how I see conversations and our roots seek that water. But it is the listening to others that would be analogized as “the dirt.”

Never listening? Well I see that a bit more like cut flowers in a vase. We’re beautiful, like a bouquet of flowers, of course, but eventually, the water will not sustain us. Cut flowers wilt and die. Just like the healthy plants, we need the dirt.  

Knowledge and opportunities to grow are available to us in spades, if we’re willing to dig into the dirt.

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