If you had to publicly answer the most difficult question you could be asked…what would that be?  I’m not suggesting to publicly declare it here, but rather this is a question for self-contemplation.

The reason I ask is this: When I worked as a counselor in private practice, teaching nutrition and hypnosis strategies, during sessions, I often uncovered that the root of much of the digestive, sleep loss, and other physical or emotional challenges that many people were suffering from, were rooted in guilt or often a response to an unresolved event that had happened in their lives within the prior 18-24 months.  While sometimes the triggering emotional moment was from youth or another time, far more often, it was mostly something relatively recent and upsetting or disturbing in some way, that had been bottled up and was impacting the body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Once it was acknowledged aloud, healing started. Often remarkably rapidly.

It’s important to ask ourselves about unresolved issues regularly because they fester. Sometimes we’re reluctant to state them aloud because of shame, embarrassment, worry, fear, doubt or judgement. The point is, really, there’s nothing worth holding in — because we can’t. Fear of expressing something comes out consciously or unconsciously — if not in words — it reveals itself in actions, emotional responses and physical manifestations. 

We each owe it to ourselves to uncover and release those emotions and thoughts constructively. So, if necessary, think about finding a way to do that in a safe place. 

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