Sometimes I wonder about the ways we all tend to identify with our differences from others vs. respecting them as just differences.

There is no “right answer” and this isn’t a judgement call, rather, this is one of those personal inventory question to ask ourselves. 

What I mean is this: Suppose I’m a vegetarian. Do I state this as a “one-up” or is it a private personal choice that is only worth mentioning if I’m going to a meat-eating house for dinner and don’t want to offend the host by not eating what is served?

Maybe we are a “foodie.” Does this mean we can’t relate to people that choose to restrict food choices. Are they interpreted as dull or boring eaters by comparison?

What if we love to read. Is this a statement of preference as to how we like to learn and entertain ourselves or a superiority assumption over those who prefer watching television? I guess one could say it depends on the subject matter, but does it matter?

Is it possible that we can just have and live with our differences? Keeping them as our personal perspectives, unless a situation is presenting itself in real-time whereby they might actually be relevant? And maybe then clarification is necessary? 

I’m just wondering whether identifying ourselves via our differences separates us from others instead of bringing the intimate relationships that lead to greater health, longevity & connection. 

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