I need to clear up a widespread diet fallacy: There are no cleansing foods. Our bodies are self-cleansing and self-purifying. Water and food are raw materials for nourishing & providing energy to our bodies. 

People who use water, juices, fruits or other foods to “cleanse” their internal bodies are not really doing that. They are providing themselves with nourishment from foods which require relatively little bodily energy expenditure for digestion and assimilation, while they are skipping the heavier foods that require more body energy for their digestion. These so-called cleansing foods are typically higher in water & fiber, so the body is able to move them through more efficiently. They are suitable to the body’s natural functions, so they are improving the conditions which allow the body to devote its energies to “housecleaning.”

This is not semantics, but rather important understanding of the human body which is active, vs. foods which are passive and cannot act. Only the body acts. Body detoxification happens at a cellular level. It is observed by how we feel. Extra urine secretion or bowel movements are not signs of cleansing. They are signs that the body is able to more readily digest the foods we are eating, that are likely better suited for for our bodies, because they are not clogging up our pipes.  

Fruits, juices, water and fasting do not cleanse the body. They are the condition under which the body can best clean itself. 

That said, help your body do what it does to maintain your health by consuming more fruits, vegetables & water. Give your body what it needs and it will seek to serve you with greater health and longevity.

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