The base concept of Buddhist philosophy is that all suffering is caused because we don’t understand, or refuse to accept, that all that exists is impermanent. Nothing lasts. ✨We all want to be permanent on some level. It’s hard to accept that life as we know it, and our life in the Big Picture, is finite. Yet, change and our ultimate deaths are inescapable — and, whether we contemplate this for ourselves or all those we love, it is a painful fact of life. ✨ Everyday, particularly living in NYC, I’m reminded of how we all seek permanence in different ways. Just desiring to live in a large city is an expression of eternal determination. Another is a New York character staple: Graffiti. Then there are the stickers everywhere — some for cheap advertising, but like graffiti others are there just to let someone know: I was here. Add  the snagging of initials in fresh sidewalk cement. I’ve done that one. Even snuck out with our kids once late at night when they were 4 & 7 years old — just to let them put their handprints in a fresh pour of cement down on Wall Street. ✨ Accepting impermanence makes me more aware of time. I become conscientious; more eager and earnest in how I approach each day; persistent; and, for the most part tireless. Impermanence challenges my focus and reminds me that the only permanence any of us can hope for is living in the hearts of others. ✨

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