A good way to think about depression is this:  Ask yourself, what am I depressing and why?

Sounds elementary doesn’t it. But here’s my thinking.  While some view depression like a noun — as in a person, place or “thing” that envelopes our energy, I think of depression like a verb — the process of burying something that is trying to come to the surface.

We depress because we’re afraid of what others might think or feel if we stopped depressing and instead released the emotion or feeling. We’re also afraid of how we might be perceived.

When people depress feeling and emotions, they are usually living in a state of constant  exhaustion. Anxiety rises, often walking hand in hand with depression. This is because it takes a lot of energy to be constantly worried about what might happen or be said. Further it’s tiring to contain e-motions because emotions in themselves are a form of energy —and in a state of depression, the action is that one is using a significant allotment of their energy to push down feelings.

I write about breathing, meditation and communication because we all need to learn to honor the full range of our emotions while finding positive and constructive ways to express ourselves. 

Stopping. Closing our eyes. Connecting with our breath is the best way I know of to re-align emotions. It helps us physically because we are stopping, removing external distractions by closing our eyes and oxygenating our bodies which benefits every cell and feels good.  We can enter a state of calm that allows us to observe our thoughts — acknowledging that they may be fleeting in the moment or something to be explored and expressed.  Trust with our intuition elevates. The peace delivers a greater sense of confidence that we are each worthy of expression. That our feelings — love, hate, joy, sadness, confidence, fear and everything else exist in balance. To depress one emotion ultimately depresses others.  

So I breathe.  I center.  I decide what must be said because it is necessary for me to do so and I also see what is unnecessary.  Either way, my energy rises because I’m no longer depressing.

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