What defines a friend? If you asked a child, it might get down to something like one who shares their toys. With age and experiences behind us, our definitions might become more complicated. Certainly sharing might remain part of our definition but it could expand to a sense of closeness, trust, understanding, rapport, affection, esteem, trust and more.

Do we expect a lot from our friendships? Or are we just happy to know they exist? Is balance required? Does the balance need to be the same — or does what each brings to the relationship differ, yet harmonize as our respective contributions flow? Does it matter? 

Do we have to see friends often for the friendship to be real or is it a feeling within our heart whether near or far? Can we not like everything about our friends and still be friends? Is friendship the same as loving another? When do friends become people we love? Do we have to differentiate between friends and acquaintances— or can they all just be relationships that flow in the moment? Is time necessary or can friendships develop spontaneously? Do we count significant others as friends? Are all friendships held to the same standards, and do we apply the same to ourselves? Do we have to define friendships or can they just be?

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