We all dip into trance-like states. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a card carrying member of the Hypnotherapists Union, and deep trance phenomena (DTP) has always fasciated me. 

DTP begins in childhood for all of us as we try to cope with all kinds of situations and experiences that are overwhelming to our young minds that have not yet learned more mature coping skills. Throughout our lives we all drift back into these trances to cope when situations arise that seem similar (or familiar) although possibly altogether unconnected and unrelated. 

A positive example of slipping into DTP is the sensation we experience when we head to the beach or a sunny park and find ourselves smiling at some unrelated memory from our childhood. Yet, for another example, if someone says something critical and suddenly our anger accelerates to 150 on the speed dial? We are likely slipping into old re-actions or old behaviors in response to new stimuli. When this happens, it’s important to remember two things: 1) We are very creative. It is our creative nature that is drawing on this old info that served an important purpose when we were younger. But… 2) It’s time to regroup and reframe the situation by focusing on something physical — a tree, the sky, a flower, a candle, someone you love or something—but not yourself in a mirror—and take some deep, rhythmic breaths until you regain your focus, composure, heart rate, breathing, emotions, etc — regarding the situation in the moment. 

We are not our trances, though we may be beings who shifted unconsciously into automatic mode. We can choose to shift gears forward to drive new responses that are in the moment instead of going in reverse.  We can do this for all of our present and future travels if we can practice noticing the triggers, stopping and breathing.  

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