Sometimes the very idea of having to make a decision can be immobilizing, even though we’ve all been making decisions throughout our entire lives. At this stage of life, many of us are considering retirement; second (3rd or 4th!) careers; downsizing & apartments vs. houses; new cities; facing health realities, choices & operations; teenagers, empty nests or adult children living back home; all while weighing the financial viability for any & every decision we’ll make from here on out…and more.

While certain decisions are no-brainers, others can make us feel like we’re stuck in quicksand of indecision. Sometimes our emotions feel like they are the beacon guiding us, yet at other times we’re making lists of pros & cons, being far more methodical. We continue day-by-day until we reach a point whereby our comfort or tolerance for a situation reaches its limit. We know it’s time for change.

When our intuition pushes us towards a decision, this is a surefire indicator it should be made. Opinion-seeking is no longer necessary. We have our answer. It’s time to trust our gut and do whatever is necessary to make the change with confidence; Acting boldly, without hesitation or guilt.

It is during these moments, that our instincts are serving as our wake-up-call to take action. Our gut is pushing us towards something new that we should prepare for and act upon. Don’t fret if your decision doesn’t present itself with a straight course of action, it does not matter. I don’t know how you ski, or even if you do— but I am the annoying person who goes from side to side, left to right, traversing down a mountain: 40 feet across, one foot down. But you know what? I still get to the same bottom as the racers…just more slowly!

Whether it’s time to make better choices for your health, move, seek a new livelihood, be open to new relationships or whatever— go forward. As Neil Peart wrote in the song, “Freewill”:  “You can choose not to decide, but you still have made a choice.”

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