Hang on to your creativity. Never let experience replace it or you’ll make yourself boring and less relevant.

Knowledge and experience accrue with years of living and working while being confronted with countless situations that required us to find solutions. When this is happening, we are in high-creative mode. It is this creativity that is identified with youthful ingenuity.

Sometimes as we get older, because we’ve been through so much, dealt with so many people in so many circumstances—we think we have all this answers. Unintentionally, this is actually a form of laziness…or lack of creativity. It is also identified with being “old.”

No two situations, people, events or days in our lives are the same. New moment, new everything. It might feel familiar. There might be similarities. We may have points to reference to correlate to the situation—but it’s not the same as it was and never will be.

The most admirable youthful trait—that can be owned by anyone at any age—is creativity. It’s looking at anything and everything with a new eye. Willing to know that we don’t know it all and maybe there is a new & different way of seeing a solution. Be open to change and new ways. Keep transcending traditional ideas, rules, patterns & ways of communicating to create new meaningful ideas, ways, methods, interpretations, approaches and more. Creativity is the best identifier of Life.

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