I was recently having a conversation with a friend who is self-employed like I am. We were discussing how sometimes it feels like we are moving along, making progress towards our goals and then suddenly it’s as if someone pulled a cosmic brake. Abruptly obstacles seem to be everywhere: Slowing down or halting, much to our frustration, all the progress we thought we were heading towards.

When this happens, it is helpful to consider that just like many Broadway shows have Intermissions — whereby the actors all take a 15 minute break from the stage — maybe these cosmic slowdowns are necessary Life intermissions. Maybe they aren’t roadblocks, but really pitstops instead, allowing us to refuel. Maybe there is a big benefit to us from seeing these periods positively instead of as a negative obstructions to our plans.

While nobody likes to feel as if their progress is put on hold by outside forces, these breaks can actually be perfect moments designed to give us time to reassess our direction, consider other options and refine our plans. Perhaps an occasional cosmic pitstop is actually a perfect gift. 

Just something to consider if you feel that life isn’t unfolding at quite the speed you might prefer. Trust the cosmic winds.

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