There is nothing wrong with contradicting another and sharing an opposing perspective. Rather, it all gets down to how we contradict.

Here’s an example.  I couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about truths in the world. Later in the day, when I checked back in to engage with comments, a few folks within our community gently expressed their disagreement with my finite statement. Rereading the sentence, I realized I was in 100% agreement with their analysis.  I had phrased my thought incorrectly and it was actually not written in a way that I agreed with, so I modified the post and thanked those who pointed out my error. 

With equal gentleness, a few folks sent me notes saying that I didn’t have to “back down.”  That “this is your blog so you can say what you want.”  

Of course I always appreciated kind support, yet respectful perspectives from others are always welcome. 

While it is a fact that we can say whatever we want, certainly doing so is not necessarily, nor always a good idea.  Further, if we err in our statements or another skillfully points out why we may want to reconsider our line of thinking — there’s no shame in correcting ourselves.

I never want to be so rigid that I can’t listen to a good, persuasive argument that is fact filled. I appreciate a full range of emotions — but healthy debate, that is civil and respectful, is the only way for me to grow…and maybe you as well. 

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