Do you contain your excitement? Is there a voice inside saying, “Don’t get ahead of yourself. Stop getting so excited. Be careful: You’re too happy.” 

Sometimes we hold back, resisting opportunities, people and situations while what we really want to scream is, YES!  

We’ve all been mentally conditioned by our own experiences along with those who raised us with best intentions to guide us (from their conditioning aka learned perspectives) to hopefully keep us from hurt and harm. Then, there were also those others throughout our lives, if we’re being honest, that maybe just couldn’t handle our energy and lust for life.

The result? We begin to question our judgement in a variety of ways that prevent us from moving forward in our lives with the enthusiasm that moving forward requires and deserves. We worry (or even obsess) that if we allow ourselves to get happy, to feel excited, to let ourselves love another to the max that we will be out of control! Oh no! 

Well, this is faulty thinking and here’s the good news: The only thing that will no longer be in control is our conditioning. 

Today is a great day to test this concept. To learn to trust the moment. To  release all that excitement that’s been bottled up and waiting to soar. To let ourselves bring our lives to new heights! 

PS:  This photo is my best Yoda imitation because he knew all about rocking the forces of enthusiasm. 

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