We’ve all had people, events or things influence us and alter our lives, change how we think and transform the way we see the world going forward. 

Taking a current conscious personal inventory of these events, people and things is helpful. Doing so, we may realize a few things: Perhaps through these reflections we recognize that sincere thank you’s are in order…even if they seem years too late. (It’s never too late!) Or conversely, maybe we’ll recognize that certain others are still holding too much power over our present day, when in reality, they may now be largely irrelevant to what’s happening today for us. Either way, reviewing all of our influences might put them into a different light: One where we can acknowledge the important lessons learned during a different place and time. 

Brief reflections into who and what helped to form our personalities, ideas and perceptions are helpful. Even the worst of situations can likely be given credit for giving us strength and fortitude or a commitment to be different.

Reflecting enables us to decide what memories or feelings are still relevant today; what needs to be released because its no longer relevant; and, what deserves to be moved closer to our hearts.

The key is to reflect, not linger. There are far too many things happening in the present that we need to get on with and embrace. 

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