Conquering fear is the beginning of wisdom. Right now is a good time to practice ignoring negative thoughts. If speaking of worries helps to relieve your anxiety, do so– but set a timer. Allow yourself 15 minutes or an hour to get it all out. Then move on. Redirect your energy. Act. Do something that requires movement and different thinking. Dwelling in the unknown with thoughts tied to fears of the unknown never benefited anyone. The unknown is a constant in life and it always will be. Accept this or not, to date, you’ve grown, become stronger and wiser. You’ve conquered fears throughout life. When in doubt as to your strength, if worried about tomorrow, remember the finest grapes come from vines that grow in rocky soil. We have to climb tall trees to get the ripest fruit. We are creative beings with an immense capacity to find new ways. So if your mind starts wandering, refocus. Seek opportunities in the present moment to help yourself grow…and maybe even find a way to another. Opportunities are always present even if we have to move boulders or head to rooftops to focus, regroup and see them. You are a creative be-ing. It’s time to get creating.

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