Do you jump to conclusions? Of all the kinds of high-risk moves we might make in life, conclusion jumping is one of the most risk-filled. It is at the root of all miscommunication whether in our personal or work lives.

While we might think we know exactly what another meant by what they said…do we? The easiest way to get more peace in day-to-day life while simultaneously improving communication is this: If someone says something that makes us feel defensive, startled, hurt, confused, extra-excited, unsure or even over-sure regarding any comment directed towards us, it is far safer to ask for clarification versus jumping to conclusions. When we jump to conclusions, or make assumptions in our interpretations of another’s words, we risk the proverbial equation of assume or making an ‘ass’= ‘you’ + ‘me’.

Few expressions are concrete. Most are subject to interpretations and our assessment of the words is most likely reflective of our wants, desires or fears. I always think of my mother saying I wore out the seat by the phone because some boy in HS said he’d call me & I sat waiting…. She’d ask ‘when was he calling?’ I’d say, ‘I don’t know, but he said he’d call!’  Needless to say…plenty of those calls never came.

If you’re not sure what someone said, if you question the intent of their words, if you doubt the meaning…ask!  It’s simple: “Can you please explain what you meant by that?” Asking the question that begs to be asked can solve a world of problems.

PS: Before you jump to conclusions…YES, they’re hair extensions! KISS t-shirts demand Xtra Hair!

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