Over the past 30 years that I’ve been in business, a few of my offices have been in some of the sketchier, less desirable areas of New York City. It never bothered me to compromise on location because it always enabled me to put more budget towards hiring better people.✨

One day about 4 years into my business, a really big “dream client” (with a really big budget to spend) reached out about hiring us. They’d seen and heard about our work. Next they wanted to come see our office. ✨

All of us prepared for the meeting: We did our homework and had a campaign planned. While our office looked beautiful: Obviously I couldn’t change the neighborhood, although I did sweep the sidewalk and pick up the garbage left on the street. ✨

At 3 o’clock we were ready and waiting. 3:30 passed. At 4 o’clock I got a phone call. The management team had done a “drive-by.” An officer of the company explained they wouldn’t be hiring us because they couldn’t imagine using an agency in the neighborhood our office was in. At the time, it hurt and I cried. ✨

This remains one of the business best stories I can think of about how people calculate their decisions. To grow, I chose to spend on people first vs prime locations. Maybe I still would have been successful if I’d chosen locations over people. I’ll never know as I can’t change past history.✨

I’m also reminded that we won’t win approval from everyone and it’s not worth spending more than a minute thinking about those that don’t recognize what you bring to the team. Just keep showing up. Do what you’re supposed to do. It all works out one way or another…maybe not  as we might have envisioned…although, likely, all still good. ✨

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