Are you capable of compromise? Able to settle differences by negotiating mutual concessions between those concerned? Reach an agreement by adjusting views on the conflict, opposing claims, and different principles? Settle by modifying respective demands? Maybe accepting a give and take solution. Risking the vulnerability that often accompanies concessions? 

Compromise can be hard. Sincere re-examination of our established beliefs, actions, or rules becomes necessary. Sometimes we get set in ways of coping with the vast array of life verticals: relationships, parenting, work…right down to what we eat, who sits where and who controls the remote— without ever questioning why we’re still doing it “that” way.

Some of our rules may have had an expiration date that we missed. Others may still fit our way of thinking, but not the ideas others have. Maybe there was a time and place that birthed the rule causing it to be established, but now we’ve moved on, making careful reconsideration a timely choice.

Successful compromise requires thoughtful listening and examination of rules and beliefs that may still be important to us, but also assessing what may be worth reconsidering for a healthier path forward. 

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