When we start complaining, we’re looking for what’s wrong, not what’s right. We’re contributing to the problem; not the solution. This applies to all personal relationships as well as work and everything else.

At this stage of our lives, we’ve seen the effects of complainers. The words are poisonous and can adversely impact relationships & any environment. No one has ever become positively rewarded for complaining. Accolades result from finding positive alternatives to move situations forward.

I’m not delusional enough to say life is fair or easy. It is not. Yet as PJ O’Rourke wrote in one of his books: “I tell my kids you better never hope life gets fair: If it does you’ll be spending at least 70% of your time enjoying third world countries while those people enjoy your bed, running water and three meals a day.”

Fair or not, our lives largely reflect our choices & mindset. (Yes, I’m aware there are very notable exceptions.) Greater life satisfaction starts the moment we get ourselves off the complaint counter line and instead start appreciating what’s going right.

Life is always better with a sunny attitude!

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