Comparison has always been a fact of life, and sometimes making comparisons is a very important strategy for making decisions.  BUT when it comes to personal growth and personal development ? Iā€™m more a fan of achieving my ā€œpersonal best.ā€  I believe that unless we want to beat ourselves up (which let me remind you is ALWAYS a very bad idea!) the best we can do is to do our personal best which truly is good enough.  

Life is a never ending series of challenges.  One time, joking with some people in an elevator, someone said, ā€œYou know, things come in threes.ā€ And another passenger quipped back: ā€œYeah. Until #4 comes and we start counting all over again from #1!ā€

So whether we feel as if weā€™re placing ā€œ1stā€ in whatever challenges we face; or feel like weā€™re only in the top 100 or 1,000; or feel as if weā€™ll be lucky if we even cross the finish line of the current challenge ā€” donā€™t spend any time worrying about it.  Take it a moment-at-a-time and remember:  If we know in our hearts that we have given the challenge the best we can do in that moment ā€” weā€™re doing just fine. It will all be OK. 

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