To be comfortable is to feel a physical ease and sense of relaxation. With age, I believe comfort is something we crave.

Throughout my life, there were times when I wore clothes and shoes that didn’t make me feel comfortable.  Maybe I felt cool — but that sense of cool didn’t necessarily equate to comfortable.  I think when I was younger, cool was something I wanted to achieve…it seemed both external and elusive…I had to figure out how to get it. Striving for “cool” rarely felt comfortable.  

With age, cool took on a whole new meaning. Comfort.  A sense of comfortability in my being, relationships, work and style.  

Comfort. That’s what I seek today. And feeling comfortable? Now that’s cool!

In this photo, I’m feeling really comfortable.  I’m wearing an outfit by a spectacular designer named Ruti.  Ruti designs all her clothes with women like us in mind… recognizing there’s still a cool girl within us.  The clothes flow, flex and bend — all in style.  Please check out her site:  Right now all clothes are 25% off!

 I’m @DianGriesel aka @SilverDisobedience ✨ (SP)