Colorful people make life far more interesting. Those that own their eccentric colorful natures, embracing their unconventional and sometimes even slightly strange behaviors, as compared to whatever societal norms we might have stuck in our heads. Unsettling and hard to understand these colorful personalities make us think, hopefully opening our minds to new positive ways of expression.

The scope of expression can be anything and everything from a penchant for bowties to tattoos or flamboyant hairstyles and fashion preferences. (As you can imagine, a bowtie might seem strange to one with a brow piercing.) Each variation allows individual persuasions a means of expression. It is these non conforming, fantastic, mystifying, marvelous, offbeat, atypical, perplexing displays of human expression that make day-to-day living so interesting and refreshing.

Who wants to live a cookie-cutter life? Don’t we all crave a bit of extra-ordinary entertainment? Imagine a world if everyone shared their colorfulness that’s been bottled up due to societal demands. More smiles, more laughter, less judgement, more acceptance because more unusual would be embraced. As we age, many of us begin to develop a greater appreciation of our colorful nature and the same in others. When we can accept the colorfulness of others without judgement, we are actually giving ourselves greater freedom as well. How do you express your color?

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