Cognitive dissonance is the discomfort a person feels when their behavior does not align with their beliefs or values. It’s not a disease but rather a psychological phenomenon that can impact any of us at any time. ✨

I often confront my own cognitive dissonance as I write this blog. ✨

Why? Well, in my opinion, (which is a redundant statement because this is my blog and therefore filled with my opinions…) a variety of societal leanings along with the phenomenon of cancel culture is causing a rise of cognitive dissonance within me and I’m observing it in many others. The poll I ran in my stories confirmed this. ✨

The impact of prolonged cognitive dissonance can be seen in any of the following ways:

  • Depression because one is depressing or pushing down values & beliefs.
  • Anxiety because worry, nervousness or unease about potentially imminent events with uncertain outcomes elevate because civil debates are next to impossible.
  • Fear because we know we’re facing lots of False Evidence Appearing Real. (A favorite acronym.)

As I am endlessly fascinated by perceptions people form and hold based on any number of factors and forces, I’m thinking about exploring this all a bit more deeply in my podcasts which you may want to subscribe to, if you’re at all intrigued.

AND, because I am a full-believer in the importance of full and fair disclosure, I’m letting you know, that I usually do feel quite compelled to align my words and actions to match my values and beliefs if and when I notice cognitive dissonance is arising within my heart.

On this page, I’ll keep things status quo… but I might start digging deeper and putting some dynamite into unearthing some deeply held attitudes to propose some serious adjustments in critical thinking on my podcast which can be found on Spotify, Apple and all other podcast channels.  Just search Dian-Griesel Silver Disobedience Podcast. Here’s a link to cut and paste: