What we resist within ourselves, whatever we feel defensive about, the things that are really annoying to us about another — are actually directions in disguise to becoming the best people we can be.

Let’s say we’re feeling like we can’t do something. Within that feeling is a clue to uncover by asking, “Why not?” When facing adversity from a person or situation and our urge is to flee saying: “I don’t need this crap.” Flip it and ask: “Why do I need this?” When feeling overwhelmed, finding ourselves thinking: “I’ve got too much to do. I could scream. I can’t handle another thing.” We’re getting hints delivered by a cosmic sledge hammer telling us: “It’s time to re-prioritize.”  So the question is: “What requires prioritization and what is just not that urgent?”  

What we dislike…or even dare I say H#%& — is a gift.  It’s given to us from the forces of life as a challenge to us to become the best person we can be.

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