Often our closest relationships can feel like the most difficult of all. What if we viewed these people and the circumstances they confront us with as opportunities to learn how to love? 

To love is to accept, nurture and forgive. And within love under that definition — there are countless opportunities to learn. In the process, we can learn not just about others, but of equal and maybe even more importance, learn about ourselves also. 

As far as relationships go, often, what we like in others is something we like or hold in esteem within ourselves. What we tend to dislike are usually characteristics or actions that we are judging as good or bad; or are restricting the behavior in ourselves and therefore upset because someone else isn’t restricting themselves; uncomfortable with or afraid to do something while finding it incomprehensible that another isn’t equally stymied; envious of the perceived freedom within a behavior tendency while knowing we’re not feeling so ‘free’ in our own actions  — or something or other along those lines. There’s always a reason behind why we dislike another and/or what they are doing…that we think we are not or would not. 

If we view our dislike moments as opportunities to find a way to learn how to love another with all their quirks, we might also find we become a little more loving, gentle and forgiving with ourselves as well.  

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