We all have days when we feel creatively stumped, emotionally stymied, physically worn out, intellectually burnt and spiritually drained. It’s helpful to imagine dips in energy, creativity or hope like a car that needs to get gassed up. 

When my battery needs a charge, I think of someone I admire and surf the internet looking for interviews or videos. I process their words & actions. I use their energy and experiences to recharge. I know that as humans, they faced challenges and kept pushing.  

All kinds of people I don’t know recharge me. Musicians are high on my chart. I think about the amount of time spent alone, practicing their craft. Athletes inspire me because I know practice, plus diet and rest are also essential to their success. Great fashion videos perks me up as I watch the creative poses of the models as they showcase the clothing of artistic designers who worked hard to bring their designs from illustrations to fabrics. Good biographies or interviews with business leaders remind me of the ups and downs on the road to success. A master chef assures me that I can learn how to make a meal look like a work of art. Children  remind me that wonder and awe is alive and well. Writers show me that great storytelling keeps our fantasies and imagination thriving. Nurses, doctors, police, firemen and all who serve our communities remind me of commitment to community. The list goes on and on.

Soon I’m filled up — and before I know it, I’m revving and back on track. 

Who inspires you? If they’re online, please tag them so I can check them out, too, the next time I need inspiration. PS:  It’s OK to tag yourself because I know you’re naturally inspiring for all kinds of reasons!

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