I’ve been thinking about superheroes. We love them. They make for blockbuster movies. It’s not just the thrill of the villain vs. superhero in a battle of good vs. evil. There’s something else that captures our imagination. After all, ask most people and they’d tell quickly you who their favorite is. When our son was younger, I used to love overhearing the conversations he’d have with his young friends as they discussed the super powers of each hero, trying to decide who was better, who’d beat who and who they wished most that they could be.  

So, my thought today? Try to imagine life if we each tried to incorporate the most powerful qualities of our favorite superheroes into our personal daily lives.

Like making ourselves smaller when necessary to give another space. Or larger for that matter to establish our presence. Or helping someone fly. Or transforming into a coat of steel when we think someone is attacking us so we have time to think about our response. Or flowing like water when we need a good cry. Maybe it’s spreading a net of love to cover those we love with a web of our affection. Being a rock when others need to lean on us. Generating a personal force field to protect ourselves and others. The ability to fly to great heights —starting with our imagination and making it everyday real. 

The list is endless. So with that, I’d love to hear who your favorite superheroes are and why. 

I’ll start: It’s a three way tie between Captain America because he became a hero by helping others; StarLord because he’s no angel but clearly has his priorities in the right order; and DeadPool because he makes me laugh hard and reminds me that with time we can recover from our hurts and grow back again stronger than we were before. 

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