We were each born with the ability to change someone’s life…in fact, many lives. While the theme of this blog is largely focused on changing ourselves so we can have better lives, today let’s look at how changing another is not that hard to do. While many will say it’s impossible to change another, that’s incorrect.  If you’ve ever keenly observed someone during aconversation you know this to be true. While the change may or many not be permanent, a change does occur. This happens in all of our interactions. We change and others do as well.

Think about a time when you were hurt by another. Did it change you? Make you a little more protective of your emotions? How about when your efforts were recognized? Didn’t your pride swell a bit? Making you feel good? That’s a change, too.  What about when you felt loved or witnessed the reaction of another to your love? Change happened. Mutual hearts expanded. The same worked for others during these interactions. We’ve all hurt others, and changed their perspectives, and we’ve changed their feelings with love and praise, too.

Change happens over time. The impact of our actions may not be apparent at first, although it may be. But upon repetition of any behavior, an impact is made.  All of our interactions have a cause and effect for not only ourselves but others as well

Today is a good day to figure out ways to make the impact of our actions positive, not just to benefit ourselves, but for all of those around us. If we do this, before we know it, more good stuff will circulate, because that’s how energy flows. We each have the ability to help channel anger and sadness into laughter and happiness. While it’s the responsibility of each of us to change ourselves, we also still have opportunities to create a more positive flow of energy that can help change ourselves, others and the world around us for the better.

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