There’s a lot to be said about continually aiming for new heights in our lives regardless of our age.  The perception of what constitutes a “new height” is completely personal. For someone struggling with a phobia — it might be meeting that fear head on. For another it might mean starting a new business venture after retirement. For another, it might mean doing more community service or exercising our body in the way we always wished we had made time for — or anything else. The opportunities to stretch ourselves are omnipresent and as unique as each of us. 

When considering giving yourself a new challenge or goal, remember that choosing to do something that is easy will never be accompanied by much of a victory thrill.  When we know something is going to be a slam-dunk, it’s usually not very inspiring: In fact, such a nonchalant or indifferent attitude might even have been an underlying factor in some of our mistakes. 

To feel more excited about living, the secret is this:  Keep setting intelligent, sensible challenges for yourself — while also being cognizant enough in the choices so that we make sure to live to enjoy another day. 

Note: None of this means that you can’t or shouldn’t be “Happy exactly as you are.”   I genuinely hope you ARE happy as you are. That said, a bit of an external challenge outside of the “who you are” every now and then is good for the spirit, further builds self-esteem and adds a healthy dose of self-respect — a triple win — that never hurt anyone. 

PS: One of my personal challenges is to walk 10,000+ steps a day. If I miss my goal, I have to make up the missing steps the next day. So, If I did 8,000 one day, the next day I have to do 12,000. I walk all over NYC and the challenge never gets old. Say “Hi!” if you see me!

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